We’re excited — Come see our renovated space!


The expansion has been completed and renovations to the store completed!! Thank you to all of you for being so patient while we shuffled things around and most of all, thank you for your patronage that has made this possible. See you soon!

Looking for a unique or special gift?

We’ve looked far and wide to find a collection of useful and unusual pieces as well as sacred objects. Many are perfect for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, or to add your own collection. We have something for everyone and every interest or taste…including gifts for children.

Shop our tarot and oracle cards, inspiration books, drums, wind chimes, singing bowls, crystals, to gorgeous shawls. You’ll also find an amazing assortment of candles, incense, essential oils, and sage sticks.

Looking for a fountain or a Himalayan salt lamp? You’ll find them here too.  And, gift shopping isn’t complete without the perfect greeting card to go with that great present.

Looking for something specific? Contact us at the shop at (352) 693-4592 or fairydustcrystals2016@gmail.com. If we don’t have it already, we’ll find the perfect thing for you.

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Spiritual Growth & Healing

We are so much more than your typical metaphysical store…we are your local spiritual healing center. We have so many talented healers and teachers that can take you through your journey of spiritual growth and healing. They  offer private sessions and life affirming classes.

If you have a burning question,  or would having some general guidance about the year to come help you find clarity and comfort, we offer private sessions with our psychics and readers.  For centuries, readers have been providing intuitive guidance by channeling or using tools such as angel cards, tarot cards, or astrology — giving insight and clarity to people navigate difficult situations or their path forward.

Call the shop at (352) 693-4592 to schedule a private session with one our healers, psychics, card readers, or astrologers. We can’t wait to see you!

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Classes, Drum & Spirit Circles, and more...

Are you ready to explore your own intuition and spiritual gifts?

Have you ever experienced the powerful vibrations from a crystal bowl as the sound reaches your body?

Or, the rhythmic beat of a group of people drumming in unison? What about the amazing energy of a spirit circle?

You’ll love studying with our talented teachers and healers, and you’ll meet lots of kindred spirits here.

Join us in the shop for a variety of events, different each week, with a group of very talented musicians, healers, and spiritual mediums.

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The Wonderful World of Spirit Guides and Animal Totems…

What’s happening at Fairy Dust, Crystals & Such®?

Help me welcome our new Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor, Kristen Andrews. Kristen has been a massage therapist for over eight years and comes highly recommended. She will initially be here on Thursdays and later will be here Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will not only get a massage but also energy work combined. 

Ongoing Circles:  Lightworkers Gathering, Experiencers Share, Intuitive Development Circle

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In the Shop…Dried Herbs, Fountains & Salt Lamps!


Lots of new inventory… Too much to mention.  With the larger retail space, we have brought in tons of new inventory which is being put out daily. 

We specialize in crystals and crystal products, but also carry a large selection of books, tapestries, CD’s, incense, jewelry, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Himalayan salt lamps, an extensive selection of bracelets and pendants, fountains, candles, fairies, American Indian and Celtic statues, and much, much more.

We also have….

  • Backflow incense burners…these are amazing! — they look more like dry ice than incense, flowing downward as a cascade rather than upwards
  • Beautiful singing bowls (notes D, E, F, and G); as well as new Tibetan singing bowls (3, 4, 5, and 6 inches)
  • We are always getting in new gorgeous crystals and clusters
  • Our line of Himalayan Salt lamps and salt products continues to grow. Come check out our new inventory of lamps
  • Journeyboard — A one of a kind divination board designed and developed by Nicole Feltovic. It is a unique and fun way to expand your intuitive and creative problem solving abilities
  • Dowsing rods and forks

We are also carry a good selection of quality, fresh dried herbs. Choose from our selection of Lavender flowers, Mistletoe, Mandrake, Low John Root, Lobelia, Kava Kava Root powder, Eucalyptus, Elderberries (whole), Arnica (whole), Angelica Root, and Mugwort. Prices range from $7.95 to $10.65

Kannaway Products…

We carry Kannaway products. Kannaway products combine pure hemp oil and other all-natural ingredients to create daily use CBD supplements. All Kannaway hemp oil products are made with non-GMO hemp grown free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides and put through a Triple Lab Tested™ process to ensure reliability and protect the end user from contamination. Designed for use by the entire family, Kannaway products include: Revive AM, PM, and Pro formulas, Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil supplements, the Pure CBD line, and the Cannabis Beauty Defined line – all exclusive to the Kannaway brand.

Order Kannaway Products

Ask us how you can become a distributor yourself, thus drastically reducing your cost of the products. Please feel free to call us at the store for any questions about Kannaway products.

Don't Be Shy. See What's Happening & Come Talk to Us!

We are so excited about all the great readers and events coming up on the schedule. You can always check out our events calendar here on this site, but liking our Facebook page is a great way to hear all about what is going on, including new items and events we’ve added!

And we always value your feedback and ideas in making the store a better place to be.